Deborah McEwen - AZ House LD2 Accountability, Less Government, Conservative

Deborah McEwen - AZ House LD2 Accountability, Less Government, Conservative

Deborah McEwen - AZ House LD2 Accountability, Less Government, ConservativeDeborah McEwen - AZ House LD2 Accountability, Less Government, ConservativeDeborah McEwen - AZ House LD2 Accountability, Less Government, Conservative

Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission

 Deborah McEwen is funding this campaign using the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission. Please sign the Petition and make a $5 contribution for qualification on the ballot AND the clean election funding by visiting the Arizona Secretary of State site below: 

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Arizona House District 2: Santa Cruz and South Pima County


To help build the most engaged army of self-governing grassroots citizens.

Deborah is here to protect your rights and ensure you are self-governing: not dependent on outside entities or artificial support systems. 

While we were sleeping, many of our liberties have been stripped away right under our noses: how our children are educated; how our morals and ethics are challenged and degraded by fringe elements; how the government, which we elected to do a job, is delegating their responsibilities to bureaucrats with no authority to make policies or rules that affect Americans.


We have let this happen with our own inaction and falling into distractions that are placed in front of us. It really is time to kill your TV, engage in honest debate and get creative with some real solutions.


Real Solutions

Education: When you know what is going on and why, that is half the battle. Most people have trouble navigating the Legislative site to figure out what Bills are there and how they can voice their opinion of them. Deborah is available to discuss the issues and explain the intricacies. Following the Arizona Constitution and the US Constitution is the basis for all good civic decisions.

Activism is the means by which we show our representatives that we are engaged and that we mean what we say. Deborah expects participation and an engaged citizenry to make important decision. Participate in your local government, follow relevant news and stay in contact. 


Example: By following the rule of law and the ethics of civilized society we can lead by example and be an inspiration to the people we represent. Trust and respect will get us there. Reducing regulations and taxes, and reinforcing family values builds the economy, builds educated and informed citizens and healthy families.



Being a watchdog and holding others accountable is how Deborah impacts the community. Oversight, input and assurance that your rights are upheld and everyone follows the rule of law are the tools. (i.e.) Like making sure your tax dollars are being used for the purpose for which they were imposed. Acting respectfully and responsibly we all can move forward in prosperous and sensible growth of our communities and state. 


Character Development - Yes, it takes a life time

Deborah grew up in the Midwest in a quiet river town full of traditional family farms, sweetcorn festivals and rodeos. She's a second generation US Citizen from Hungarian immigrants. Typical Sunday mornings involved church going and brunching with friends. Band, choir and sporting events were the highlights of school and to this day, as with most people, strong bonds connect old school chums across the miles. Deborah's father was a corrections commissioner and her mother was an elementary teacher. 

After graduating from college, she started her career in criminal justice and worked for federal and state agencies in forensic laboratories and private industry. Accuracy, methodology, and aptitude for comprehension and technical writing skills propelled her career into a branch of management where this expertise was used in quality assurance regulation of nation-wide laboratories. 

She is now retired and enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Deborah volunteers with a national non-partisan self-governance organization whose primary goal is to educate citizens on the constitution and their role at the grassroots level. Her desire is to serve all citizens and insure they enjoy the freedoms that are endowed by our US Constitution and bestowed by our Divine maker.

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